The Competition

The UChicago Midwest Trading Competition is the nation’s premier algorithmic trading competition. Senior members of the Financial Markets Program develop case studies designed to challenge participants in multiple aspects and themes of trading. Participants are asked to develop algorithms to make automated trading decisions, and will have their technical programming skills, financial acumen, and ability to adjust based on algorithm performance tested.

Registration will close February 2nd.


Last year the competition awarded over $15,000 in prize money, and a similar amount of prize money is anticipated this year.

The problem-solving approach I developed and the financial concepts I learned through preparing for the competition gave me the tools to pursue a career in trading.”

—Ethan Yu, Dartmouth '16, trader at Citadel

Teams will have the opportunity to network with over a dozen trading and financial firms throughout the two-day competition. Competition events, hosted by Platinum sponsors, will begin on Friday afternoon.

Respected Participants

Many of the colleges and universities represented at the UChicago Midwest Trading Competition are celebrated for providing students with robust educations, especially in fields related to finance and business. Some of the colleges and universities that have participated in the competition include:

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