Frequently Asked Questions | Students

How will PARTICIPANTS PREPARE the cases?

Participants will receive a competition case packet at least a month before the competition, and teams will have access to market data to test their algorithms.

Which schools will attend?

The FM program will work with sponsoring firms to target top-tier schools from every part of the country. As a reminder, the competition is open to undergraduate students only. In the past, teams represented have included: Amherst, Baruch, CalTech, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Rutgers, the University of Chicago, University of Illinois, and Washington University.

How can I seek financial assistance from my institution to attend?

Many participants belong to finance-related Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). We encourage you to seek funding through these RSOs. Alternatively, you can seek funding from various departments at your institution. The event plans to offer credit of at least $200 for hotel costs.

How can I find out about careers in trading during the competition?

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about careers in trading throughout Friday’s educational and networking events. In addition, firm representatives have career fair style booths set up at the Saturday competition and are eager to meet with students interested in learn more about careers in trading.

What opportunities will participants have to interact with sponsoring firms?

Participants will have several opportunities to interact with sponsoring firms. Participants will take-part in educational and networking events on Friday afternoon. In addition, participants will have direct opportunities to meet firm representatives and recruiters during networking breakout sessions and the award ceremony on Saturday. Each sponsoring firm and a company summary will be included in the case packet for your review.